The Experts Helix provides a forum for collaborators seeking professional expertise in areas that provide support to collaborative research and innovation activities. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Proposal writing & review
  • Grant & project management
  • Scientific publishing
  • Project finances & auditing
  • Innovation & exploitation management
  • Dissemination & communication
  • Software tools and platforms

The Experts Helix is led by Imperial College London (PMO) , which provides management services for both academic-driven programmes and commercial projects.


The main method by which such expertise can be sought on the Crowdhelix platform is the posting of the requirement as an “opportunity”. However, if you are seeking specific expertise, or you wish to register your interest in supplying your expertise to other members of the Crowdhelix Network, please contact Abdul Rahim via the button at the top right of the page in the first instance.


  • Emerald Group
  • Zaz Ventures
  • Trend 2000

Latest Opportunities

  • Call for Expression of Interest to join Crowdhelix Advisory Board

    Can act as:
    • Individual Expert
    Seeking expertise:
    • Strategy
    • Rto
    • Stakeholders
    • Universities
    • Advisory board
    • Research centres
  • Seeking consortiums for Green Deal Calls Areas 2.3, 3.1 and 8.1

    Can act as:
    • Individual Expert
    • Work Package Leader
    • Consortium Partner
    Seeking expertise:
    • Energy efficiency in industry
    • Renewable electricity generation
    • Chemical engineering
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Green and integrated transport
    • Bio-based chemicals
    • Carbon capture
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Energy-food-water nexus
    • Renewable energy sources (res)
    • Fourth industrial revolution
    • Renewable energy technologies
    • Smart agriculture
    • Lc-ms
    • Clean & secure energy
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Carbon and nutrient cycling
    • Circular bioeconomy
    • Environmental pollutants
    • Agricultural economics
    • Catalysis: accelerating chemical change
    • Hplc

    The research in our group, Microbial Ecology Research Group (MEG), is focused on to understand ecology not only in engineering systems but also receiving...


    Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa


    January 26, 2021

    Project Type
    • IA Innovation action