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Elite international teams will compete for over 95 billion Euros of project funding, in support of three strategic goals.

  • Strengthening the EU’s scientific and technological foundations, and the European Research Area

  • Increasing innovation capacity, competitiveness, and the number of jobs in Europe

  • Fulfilling citizens’ priorities, and maintaining the EU’s socioeconomic models and value

Horizon Europe’s Missions are a key part of the programme. Each Mission area will take a bold, inspirational approach to tackling some of the greatest challenges facing our world today, all within a fixed time frame.

A Mission Board will be convened to provide strategic guidance to each Mission, as part of a co-design process with various stakeholders including citizens.

  • Cancer

    Conquering Cancer: Mission Possible

    Targets by 2030: more than 3 million more lives saved, living longer and better, achieve a thorough understanding of cancer, prevent what is preventable, optimise diagnosis and treatment, support the quality of life of all people exposed to cancer, and ensure equitable access to the above across Europe.

  • Cities

    100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030 - by and for the citizens

    Targets by 2030: support, promote and showcase 100 European cities in their systemic transformation towards climate neutrality by 2030 and turn these cities into innovation hubs for all cities, benefiting quality of life and sustainability in Europe.

  • Climate

    A Climate Resilient Europe

    Targets by 2030: prepare Europe to deal with climate disruptions, accelerate the transition to a healthy and prosperous future within safe planetary boundaries and scale up solutions for resilience that will trigger transformations in society.

  • Oceans

    Mission Starfish 2030: Restore our Ocean and Waters

    Targets by 2030: cleaning marine and fresh waters, restoring degraded ecosystems and habitats, decarbonising the blue economy in order to sustainably harness the essential goods and services they provide.

  • Soil

    Caring for Soil is Caring for Life

    Targets by 2030: at least 75% of all soils in the EU are healthy for food, people, nature and climate. The proposed Mission combines research and innovation, education and training, investments and the demonstration of good practices using “Living labs” (experiments and innovation in a laboratory on the ground) and “Lighthouses” (places to showcase good practices).

We’re Crowdhelix, an online collaboration platform for researchers and innovators.

We connect businesses, universities and research organisations from across the world, so that together they can develop project concepts, target funding, and deliver cutting-edge projects under Horizon Europe.

Our custom-built collaboration platform hosts topic-focused international communities called ‘Helixes’, which are often coordinated by leading research organisations in the respective fields. Helixes map directly to Horizon Europe’s Clusters and Mission areas.

Users can proactively post and respond to collaboration opportunities within the Helixes, and target specific Horizon Europe funding calls drawn directly from the EU’s database.

We make it quick and easy for diverse businesses, universities, and research organisations to find common ground, forge strong partnerships, and collaborate, so they can develop competitive project concepts and proposals targeting Horizon Europe funding.

Together, our network members have already secured billions of Euros of EU funding. To find out more, or to become a Crowdhelix member, contact us today.

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