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Crowdhelix is open to applications from any organisation, of any size, anywhere in the world, that can demonstrate a strategic commitment to collaborative research and innovation.

The European Union’s Horizon Europe programme has an €95.5 billion budget that funds thousands of collaborative research and innovation projects worldwide.

Crowdhelix connects a group of leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world, so that together they can plan and deliver pioneering Horizon Europe projects.

Collectively our network has secured €7.44 billion of funding under the EU Horizon programmes, to deliver 13,293 collaborative international projects.

Researchers & Innovators

Crowdhelix hosts an active user community of over 9280 research & innovation professionals

Collaboration Intelligence

Users post collaboration opportunities, target funding, & receive recommendations based on their expertise

The Crowdhelix Network

The network promotes collaboration between 574 leading institutions & innovating companies worldwide

We currently host 42 active Helixes, which are international communities of researchers and innovators collaborating on a particular topic.

Our users can profile themselves, their teams, and their organisations, and post opportunities to collaborate.

An intelligent recommender system then matches these opportunities with the most suitable prospective collaborators, using natural language processing and machine-learning.

If you are an employee or student of an organisation that is already a member of the our network, and have a valid email address provided by your organisation, you can register today for free.

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