Opportunity for the XR4ED project

Join XR4ED to contribute to the establishment of a leading EU platform for learning and training with XR

The XR4ED project brings together the EdTech and XR communities to establish an European reference platform on learning and training with XR that will provide a central access point to existing solutions and contribute to a leading position for Europe in cutting-edge technologies for education.

The XR4ED - Open Call launched on 1 May 2024 and closes on 3 July 2024 (17:00 CEST)

The objective of the XR4ED - Open Call is to catalyze innovation and excellence in XR technologies for education while providing financial and technical support to start-ups, SMEs, industry players, and education-focused actors. The programme has a dual focus: fostering innovation and supporting the development of XR educational solutions, by encouraging the ideation and development of pioneering XR solutions within XR4ED's thematic areas.

The open call is structured in two tracks: Call for Developers and Call for Pilots.

Through the applicable submission form, applicants are required to provide specific information about the project, the applicant/ consortium partners, and must submit a detailed technical description of their project (using the template provided), addressing four items:
1. Innovation
2. Impact
3. Replicability
4. Implementation & Capacity

All proposals will first be checked against eligibility criteria related with the applicant/ consortium, the proposal, and financials. Eligible proposals will be evaluated against four criteria aligned with the mentioned items. Secondly, eligible proposals will be evaluated by a minimum of two independent and external evaluators and an internal expert from the XR4ED consortium. All applicants will be contacted with their result.

Further information Full details about the XR4ED - Open Call can be found at: https://xr4ed.eu/open-calls/

The XR4ED Open Call is structured into two tracks - Call for Developers and Call for Pilots - and will fund a total of 20 projects with up to €230,000 grant funding per project. 10 projects will be selected for each track. The selected projects will run for a period of 12 months, tentatively starting in October 2024 and ending in September 2025.

The specific objectives of the two calls are:
1. Call for Developers: The objective of the track is to enrich the XR4ED platform; it targets the development of new solutions and additional components into the XR4ED platform.

2. Call for Pilots: The objective of the track is to run end-user pilots; it targets the deployment and customisation of the XR4ED solutions and to demonstrate the adoption of XR technologies in an educational environment

After selecting a track, applicants must select one of six challenge areas:

1. Virtual field trips
2. Content creation and exploration
3. Awareness of climate change and biodiversity challenges
4. Training of young professionals and upskilling
5. Distance and blended learning
6. Inclusiveness and accessibility.

For both tracks, all solutions developed must (1) use the XR4ED platform, (2) demonstrate its value and usefulness, and (3) test and evaluate its functionalities. Specific requirements, KPIs, and target groups to participate in project activities must be considered and described, and can be found in the Technical Annex of the open call documentation.

The open call invites start-ups and SMEs, universities, vocational and educational training organisations (VET), and non-for-profit organisations to apply. The Call for Developers targets exclusively start-ups and SMEs; the Call for Pilots welcomes all target entities. Specific participation conditions apply for each track and can be found in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Helpdesk: Contact our helpdesk at the following email: [email protected]