Dr. Riam Kanso

Riam is the CEO of Crowdhelix, overseeing the progress of the platform and its position in the academia-industry ecosystem.

Rusty Nash

Rusty is Crowdhelix's Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the technological development of Crowdhelix and problem solving.

Martin Scott

Martin is Crowdhelix's Chief Operations Officer, responsible for overseeing the policy, legal and resourcing aspects of Crowdhelix's development.

Abdul Rahim

Abdul is CFO of Crowdhelix and Director of Vision2020 as well as it's SME Director, responsible for leading the network and reaching out to SMEs.

Michael Browne

Michael is CDO of Crowdhelix, responsible for business development and partnership building. Michael is a recognised expert on Horizon 2020, and co-founder of Vision2020.

Ryan Holder

Ryan Holder is Crowdhelix's full time Developer, responsible for maintaining the platform and for building, testing and deploying new features.