Crowdhelix success stories

    Crowdhelix bridges the innovation gap to drive transformative success

    January 2024

    "The A4L_BRIDGE project is set for unprecedented success, thanks to our invaluable partnership with the Crowdhelix Network. Together, we're enhancing our connections with industry and end users in health research, transforming findings into tangible advancements for patients and the healthcare sector. Crowdhelix's active involvement and robust Industrial Relationship Platform are game-changers, bridging the innovation gap in Europe and propelling A4L_BRIDGE toward transformative success."

    Ester Jarour Head of Strategic Partnerships and International Relations


    Crowdhelix provides invaluable communication & stakeholder expertise

    November 2023

    "Thanks to Crowdhelix for their expertise in dissemination, communication, and stakeholder analysis. Our collaboration has resulted in the successful funding of the LaserBlood project under the HORIZON-EIC-2023-PATHFINDEROPEN-01-01 call. Their contribution to the project, aimed at advancing pancreatic cancer research innovation, has been invaluable to our proposal."

    Alessandro Rossetta, PhD CEO & Founder

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

    Crowdhelix members' event catalyses funded consortium

    October 2023

    "Thanks to the Crowdhelix RTO members' event in January 2023, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University was able to connect with a number of other excellent universities to build a consortium for a Horizon European heritage call. The RTO event was a unique opportunity to connect with partners we feel we likely would not have collaborated with otherwise. Including the University of Lapland. This proposal was recently funded under Horizon Europe and is a great success for our university."

    doc. dr. Kristina Kovaitė Vice-Dean

  • Digiotouch OU

    Crowdhelix plays instrumental role connecting SME to funding

    September 2023

    "Crowdhelix has been instrumental in forging successful R&D collaborations for my company Digiotouch. Special thanks to Crowdhelix for facilitating the connection between Digiotouch and NTNU who invited us to join a consortium, resulting in the funded BIAS project under the Horizon Europe call HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-24."

    Soumya Kanti Datta Founder, CEO

  • University of Haifa

    Crowdhelix roundtables spark lasting collaborations

    August 2023

    I met a representative of Brunel University at a Roundtable organized by Crowdhelix in 2020. Since then we have formed a friendly professional relationship and have been collaborating on a number of proposals under the Horizon Europe program. The Roundtable is a very useful networking tool where collaboration sparks and long-standing relations between organizations are ignited. I am grateful to Crowdhelix that the platform extends beyond its restraints to virtual Roundtables and RTO events. Thank you, Crowdhelix, for doing a great job on bringing people together in the name of science!"

    Natalya Prilipko Research Development, EU Desk

  • KPMG Portugal

    Crowdhelix secures Horizon Europe win for KPMG

    August 2023

    "The award of a Horizon Europe project is a great accomplishment for KPMG Portugal. Our participation will underline what we do best: bridge the gap between science, innovation & business. Our participation was only possible due to the great matchmaking work behind the scenes by Crowdhelix staff members, facilitated by their platform & Climate Helix community. We trust that this project is the first of many successful collaborations that will come into fruition via Crowdhelix. We will undoubtedly continue profiling KPMG as a member and seeking to find the best partners for the best projects."

    Paula de Pinho Associate Partner, R&D&I Grants & Incentives


    Crowdhelix provides trusted connections for energy efficiency consortium

    July 2023

    "Thanks to Crowdhelix, Idener Research and Development A.I.E. was able to connect with Global Factor to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for the BIFOCAL proposal submitted for the HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-31 topic in April 2023. We are grateful for the opportunities and the trusted connections that Crowdhelix has provided us with, enabling us to achieve our research goals."

    Álvaro Fernández Cisneros R&D Researcher

  • University of Twente

    Crowdhelix sources excellent financial & business modelling industrial partner

    July 2023

    "Thank you to Crowdhelix for connecting us with excellent partners for a recent Horizon Europe opportunity under cluster 4 with a deadline this past April. This proposal was coordinated by the University of Twente and we were quickly connected to an industrial partner with expertise in Business and Financial models, per our post on the Crowdhelix platform. Fingers crossed for a successful outcome and project"

    Dr Catalin Popa EU Grants Advisor

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