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Calling all Open Source and Crisis Management aficionados, developers, researchers, policymakers, and community leaders! 🌍

Join us at UCD on our researchjourney, delving into the profound influence and future promise of open source solutions during critical junctures like the ongoing struggle against COVID-19. 🚀

🔬 We firmly believe that your insightful wisdom can mold the trajectory of our emergency responses and contribute to forging a more robust world. That's why we cordially invite you to become an integral part of this pioneering exploration!

✍️ Engage in our survey and make your thoughts resonate! Regardless of whether you're a coder, investigator, policy architect, or community shaper, your input will help us unearth the untapped capabilities of open-source technology in crisis handling, thus propelling more efficient reactions to emergencies.

👉 Access the survey here:

⭐ By taking an active role in this survey, you won't solely contribute to cutting-edge study, but you'll also grasp the opportunity to be at the forefront of open source advancement. Your proficiency, be it in programming, analysis, policy formulation, or community cultivation, will directly shape the contours of future crisis management strategies.

📊 Together, let's sculpt the emergency response landscape by harnessing the force of collaboration, ingenuity, and open source resolutions. Unite with us on this mission to construct a safer, more unyielding world.

🔗 Don't let this chance slip by! Share your discernments and catalyze change. Whether you specialize in coding, research, policymaking, or community leadership, your expertise is indispensable. Together, we can confront tomorrow's trials, one crisis at a time.

🔔 Amplify the message by tagging kindred enthusiasts, developers, researchers, policymakers, and community leaders, disseminating this announcement, and magnifying the influence of our exploration. Together, we can foster a sturdier, more closely-knit global community.

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