Opportunity for the ASTEP project

Introduction to the Research Activity: The aim of this research activity is to understand industrial interest and perspectives into the potential benefits and challenges associated with adopting sustainable Solar Thermal Energy (STE) solutions for industrial operations. The research activity is split into two surveys, with questions from the first survey probing into your organisation's general stance on solar energy technologies given your facility's energy sources. The survey's focus then switches to your organisation's interest and consideration of a novel STE technology known as the Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Industrial Processes (ASTEP) system, introduced in more detail in Section 2 of the first survey.

If your organisation demonstrates interest in applying ASTEP as a potential solution for your thermal energy demands, a second follow-up survey will be provided to explore in-depth considerations of implementing ASTEP into your industrial facility.

We kindly ask an appropriate representative from your organisation to fill this survey, comprised of 25 questions split into 3 sections. The estimated time to complete is 15 minutes, and there is no time limit. Please note that participation is entirely voluntary and you can leave at any point of the study.

Fill in the survey here: https://forms.office.com/pages...

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Funded by
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