Project Proposal

The R&D skills of our team cover designing equipment and technologies for chemical, food, processing, pharmaceutical industry and biorefinery. Regarding industrial cooperation, our team ensures the multidisciplinary transfer of chemical engineering and technology to the mechanical design of apparatuses and processing lines. Our crucial scientific and research activities are associated with these fields:

-> Reactors and bioreactors
Process-intensified reactors, photo- and photobio- reactors for multiphase flows. Modern, process and energy-effective mixing systems. Innovative multiphase contactors. Experimental and numeric analysis of simultaneous transfer phenomena. Dynamic process modelling.

-> Heat transfer apparatuses (heat exchangers, dryers, evaporators)
Experimental identification and numeric modelling of transfer phenomena. Design and rating calculations, mass and energy balancing, and heat recovery. Development of heat exchangers for special applications. Design and optimization of heat transfer surface shapes, experimental and numeric analysis. Ohmic and microwave heating for special applications.

-> Special treatment of biomass and flue gas for biorefinery
Grinding and milling of brittle and fibrous materials, particle size characteristics and energy demand. Reactors for hydrothermal pretreatment - experimental studies concerning product quality, cooling/rapid batch decompression effect, numeric and dynamic process modelling. Experimental analysis and designing simulation models of hybrid technologies for CO2 capture in concept membrane-X for industrial flue gases.

-> Design of technologies
Design of model technologies (P&ID schemes, balancing, apparatus sheets), energy optimization. Implementing CO2-to X, Power-2-X strategies, energy recovery by PINCH analysis, use of renewable energy systems, and a lifetime of the technology. Virtual digital twins or model technologies in the form of parametric models concerning P&D standards. Techno-economic studies on process parameters.