Crowdhelix success stories
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute

    Successful Grean Deal proposal connection

    December 2020

    "In November we submitted our first post offering our expertise for the Green Deal Call. We were then quickly connected with a consortium and have since joined a newly formed proposal. Many thanks to the Crowdhelix platform for enabling us to showcase our capabilities and making a connection which has led to this successful outcome."

    Dr. Rolandas Urbonas Deputy Director

  • European Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure (EF CLIF)

    Crowdhelix contributes collaboration expertise to funded proposal

    November 2020

    "Many thanks to Crowdhelix for contributing towards the A-TANGO proposal - designed to work on a novel treatment of acute chronic liver failure. I am delighted to confirm that this proposal has now been funded by the European Commission, and we look forward to working together on this project, part of which will be to build a new Liver-Health Helix.”

    Professor Rajiv Jalan A-TANGO Coordinator

  • National Institute of Chemistry

    Crowdhelix connects partner to biofuels R&I consortium

    October 2020

    "A prospective coordinator for the call LC-SC3-RES-36 focused on Biofuels posted on Crowdhelix seeking partners. Our expertise was appropriate for the proposal, which led to NIC successfully joining the consortium.”

    Dr. Barbara Tišler Head of the Project Management Office

  • Relational FS

    Crowdhelix completes a border security consortium

    October 2020

    "In Spring 2020, we submitted a post to the Security, Maritime & Marine, and Transport Helixes on the Crowdhelix platform seeking partners for the call “SU-BES02-2020: Disruptive technologies for non-intrusive identification of hidden goods”. This post assisted us in the final formation of the consortium, since it led to contacts being made with several relevant partners. In particular, well known universities and customs & border enforcement entities joined the consortium, adding their valuable expertise and contributing to its successful submission in August.”

    Dr Christos Roupas Director of GOV & EU Programmes Department

  • University College London (UCL)

    Crowdhelix creates a successful link for EU Citizen Science R&I funding

    September 2020

    “Thanks to Crowdhelix's ability to link people from different organisations and identifying suitable opportunities, we’re now part of the TIME4CS consortium. Crowdhelix has demonstrated its power in creating successful links for EU Research and Innovation funding. I am very much looking forward to future collaborations and links that will come through Crowdhelix.”

    Professor Muki Haklay Co-Director of UCL Extreme Citizen Science

  • Trilateral Research Ltd

    Crowdhelix post facilitates connection with Cybersecurity consortium

    September 2020

    “Through a post on the Crowdhelix platform, Trilateral Research was quickly and successfully connected to a coordinator and consortium preparing a Cyber Security focused Horizon 2020 bid that was successfully submitted as part of August 2020 deadlines.”

    Dr. Su Anson Research Manager

  • Bar-Ilan University

    Crowdhelix post leads to rapid consortium connection

    September 2020

    “Bar-Ilan University was notified through a post on the Crowdhelix platform of a consortium urgently seeking expertise for a looming Cyber Security Horizon 2020 proposal deadline. We were connected to the coordinator soon after, joined the consortium as a partner and went on to successfully submit the proposal ahead of schedule.”

    Natalie Gordon Collaborative Research Manager

  • Tyndall National Institute

    Crowdhelix facilitates successful connection and a strong consortium

    August 2020

    "Thanks to the Crowdhelix platform we have been able to connect with a partner in Nigeria and triggered to approach others through the extended network. This would not have been possible through our common channels. The outcome of this process led to forming a strong consortium and proposal submission to one of the most competitive H2020 topics."

    Dr. Giorgos Fagas MBA Head of EU Programmes, Chair of the CMOS++ Research Cluster

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