Crowdhelix success stories
  • Middle East Technical University

    Crowdhelix helps to facilitate successful MSCA proposal

    July 2022

    Our proposal to the MSCA-COFUND call was recently accepted for funding. With this project, we will host 20 post-doctoral researchers here at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey over the next 5 years. These researchers will get the opportunity to pursue research in the field of Green and Blue Transition. This would not have been possible without the support of Crowdhelix! Thanks go to the Crowdhelix team who facilitated the transformation of an idea into a winning proposal.

    Sara Banu Akkas Head of Research Support

  • Izmir Institute of Technology

    Crowdhelix facilitates successful biomedical proposal

    July 2022

    "Many thanks to the Crowdhelix network for helping us to facilitate and submit a MSCA COFUND application in Biomedical Technologies. I am delighted to report that this proposal has now been funded by the European Commission. This prestigious award will help Izmir Institute of Technology to further enhance its profile, connectivity and capacity in Biomedical Technologies at regional and international level. Many thanks to Crowdhelix for their network's support in helping us secure this excellent award."

    Professor Volga Bulmus Advisor to the Rector

  • Universita degli Studi di Milano

    Crowdhelix links multiple excellent institutions for Horizon Europe proposal

    June 2022

    "After we posted our interest in building a consortium for one of the upcoming Horizon Europe Cluster 2 calls on the Crowdhelix platform, we received numerous messages from universities across Europe interested in collaborating with us. I am pleased to report that last month we submitted a proposal focused on the role of perceptions shaping European societies together with four other Crowdhelix members. Many thanks to the Crowdhelix Network for helping us to connect with excellent institutions in the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, and Israel."

    Deborah De Luca Research Advisor

  • Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research

    Crowdhelix connects data expertise across Portugal, UK, and Turkey

    May 2022

    "After disclosing on the Crowdhelix platform my interest in finding partners for a Horizon Europe proposal in multi-party computation, data anonymization, and synthetic data, many relevant organizations reached out to me. We invited two of those organizations (one from the UK and another one from Turkey), which were of great importance to creating a strong consortium. I will certainly keep using Crowdhelix to identify further cooperation opportunities.”

    João Rodrigues Research Funding Advisor

  • Universidade de Lisboa

    Crowdhelix connects specialist underwater acoustics expertise

    May 2022

    "Earlier this year we were developing a project idea focused on detecting & imaging microparticles in the ocean & were urgently looking for an underwater acoustics expert. After our search was posted on Crowdhelix we were quickly contacted by several organisations with relevant expertise. I am pleased to confirm that we submitted a proposal for the EIC Pathfinder Open call with Crowdhelix and one of their SME members that contacted us through the platform. Many thanks to Crowdhelix for helping us put this excellent consortium together & supporting the impact acceleration part of our proposal."

    Leonardo Azevedo Assistant Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Farplas Otomotiv

    Crowdhelix matches partner to two consortia

    April 2022

    "Through the Crowdhelix platform, Farplas was able to connect with an NTNU led consortium focused on the CL4 call for tackling gender, race and other biases in AI. This proposal was successfully submitted in October 2021 and funded in March of 2022. This excellent connection and subsequent success was made possible through our engagement as members of Crowdhelix. We currently have one further proposal pending evaluation following connections made through the platform and have fingers crossed for another good result."

    Emre Elmas Fundraising & Project Responsible

  • Brunel University London

    Crowdhelix matches four organisations to food traceability proposal

    March 2022

    "Following my post on the Crowdhelix platform, I was contacted by a number of organisations interested in teaming up and targeting a Farm2Fork call focused on food traceability. I am pleased to report that we invited four of these organisations to join our consortium and submitted the proposal together last month. Many thanks to Crowdhelix for connecting me to excellent collaborators in Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Israel."

    Manoj Dora Reader in Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Tilburg University

    Crowdhelix matches partners for a decarbonisation proposal awarded full marks

    February 2022

    "Many thanks to Crowdhelix for helping us match with partners and secure a recent Horizon Europe project focussed on decarbonisation strategies linked to the European Green Deal and how they intersect with all dimensions of inequality. The project scored full marks at evaluation stage. The consortium and I are very much looking forward to working on this new and exciting project."

    Professor Michiel Strapper Law Department

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