• Technological University Dublin

    Crowdhelix efficiently connects partners across Europe

    January 2023

    "Thanks to Crowdhelix, we were able to find partners in Malta and Lithuania to work with in progressing an application for funding from the ERC. Using Crowdhelix was very straightforward. A post to the platform was all it took to put is in contact with researchers across Europe in our field of expertise (education). This was an extremely simple and efficient means of reaching out to other researchers and research institutes. We highly recommend Crowdhelix and plan to use this platform again in the future."

    Dr. Aiden Carthy Lecturer/Director

  • University College Cork

    Crowdhelix provides integral proposal support as consortium partner

    December 2022

    “Crowdhelix joined my consortium in my recent EIC Pathfinder Open proposal. Dr Karen Galvin was our consultant for the writing stage and seamlessly managed the process, engaging with all partners from the start. She took care of the tedious online details and wrote the impact & implementation sections (with contributions from partners). Their involvement allowed me and my team to focus most of our efforts on writing the excellence section. Crowdhelix were not only integral in our consortium producing an excellent proposal but their involvement made writing it almost a stress free process.”

    Dr. Brenda Long Senior Research Fellow

  • Centre for Process Innovation Ltd

    Crowdhelix helps secure large green digital transformation project

    November 2022

    "Many thanks to Crowdhelix for helping us secure a newly funded large scale Horizon Europe project in the area of green and digital transformation of the refractory recycling value chain."

    Edwin Ntainjua Bid Manager


    Crowdhelix rapidly connects technological & industrial stakeholders

    October 2022

    “Crowdhelix was critical to our efforts in order to engage with both technological and industrial stakeholders in building Horizon Europe proposals – the response time was very rapid, and we were successfully able to integrate several new, productive partners into our proposals. The team from Crowdhelix has also been very supportive and engaging in the partners search process, much more so than other platforms.”

    Jeremy Warren Project Builder/ Ethics Oversight & Data Management Officer

  • University of Coimbra

    Crowdhelix connects & supports multidisciplinary partners

    October 2022

    "Crowdhelix has both helped us find valuable partners for our Horizon Europe proposals, and has been a valuable partner itself. In response to a Crowdhelix post we were able to join a consortium with a multidisciplinary team from the UC across three departments. The Crowdhelix team was also quite helpful providing the impact booster service for one of our coordinations in 2022."

    Clara Barata Science Manager

  • Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

    Crowdhelix sources academic excellence for corporate member

    September 2022

    "Following the launch of an Innovation Investment Prize with the Crowdhelix Open Innovation network, I am delighted to confirm that Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has recently invested in new carbon capture technologies with Rovira i Virgili University in Spain. I would like to thank Crowdhelix for acting as a gateway to academic excellence across Europe to facilitate this outcome."

    Craig Twyford CCEP Ventures

  • University College Cork

    Crowdhelix links diverse expertise for Horizon Europe proposal

    September 2022

    “Crowdhelix helped us to find two valuable partners for our Horizon Europe proposal. They are from both academia and industry, demonstrating the variety of stakeholders that are available on the platform. The Crowdhelix team are also helpful and interested in supporting the success of the network's members.”

    Dr Carlos Ochoa Senior Researcher

  • National Institute of Chemistry

    Crowdhelix facilitates connections for MSCA Staff Exchanges project

    August 2022

    The Crowdhelix platform has helped us to establish multiple connections with excellent organisations from across Europe over the last couple of years. Most recently we have been awarded a MSCA Staff Exchanges project coordinated by a Crowdhelix member from Turkey. I would very much recommend the platform to anyone who is looking to diversify their networks and build impactful collaborative partnerships.

    Blaž Likozar Head of the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering

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