Crowdhelix success stories
  • eBOS Technologies Ltd

    SME introductions lead to a successfully funded collaboration

    February 2020

    “Thanks to the Crowdhelix network and its members, we established a collaboration with a Spanish SME active, like us, in Horizon 2020. They invited us to a research proposal on Solar energy in industrial processes and we reciprocated by onboarding them onto a Bioeconomy-related proposal, both which have been submitted late August/beginning September 2019. We are delighted to confirm that both proposals have recently been funded and we look forward to commencing the projects within the next few months and to continuing this successful cooperation.“

    Dr. Loizos Christofi Research & Development Director

  • Technical University of Crete

    €10M project won following Crowdhelix event introductions

    January 2020

    “Following a Crowdhelix run Energy and Climate brokerage event in Brussels, I was connected to several new organisations from the industrial and research intensive sector from across the Crowdhelix network. These new contacts, then formed part of a Horizon 2020 consortium that has recently received a positive evaluation from the European Commission securing 10 million euros. I would like to thank Crowdhelix for making these connections and enabling our success”.

    Professor Denia Kolokotsa Energy Management in the Built Environment Research Lab

  • Tyndall National Institute

    Proposal writing workshop leads to successfully funded proposal

    December 2019

    “We would like to thank Crowdhelix for running and hosting us at their coordinators’ proposal writing workshop earlier this year. I'm delighted to report that following this event we submitted our proposal - SPEEDIER - which has recently been funded.”

    Joanna Southernwood Senior Research Engineer, IERC

  • Universiteit Antwerpen

    Connections facilitated bridging different sectors and regions

    November 2019

    “Thanks to the support of Crowdhelix we were connected to an SME that specialises in the exploitation and commercialisation of research outputs. This SME since joined our proposal which was submitted to Horizon 2020 and is now pending an evaluation result. We would like to thank Crowdhelix for their support with the proposal and enabling this new match for collaboration - which bridges different sectors and regions.”

    Ivan Jannsens Professor of Ecology

  • KU Leuven

    Academia/business connection leads to funding success

    October 2019

    “In preparing a proposal to Horizon 2020, Crowdhelix connected me to an SME member that specialises in Innovation Management activities which helped my consortium position the impact objectives of the proposal. I’m delighted to report that in August, this proposal was funded scoring 5/5 for impact. I would like to thank Crowdhelix for supporting us with this application and making this new - academia to business - connection which has contributed to our success in Horizon 2020.”

    Professor Elizabeth Jones Assistant Professor

  • Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

    Corporate Joined a proposal consortium within weeks of membership

    September 2019

    ”We announce with pleasure that Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP) has joined Crowdhelix and within the first few weeks of joining were successfully matched and connected to a Research Technology centre who subsequently included us in a large-scale Horizon 2020 circular economy proposal.”

    Simon Huss-Smickler Partnership Manager

  • Champalimaud Foundation

    Crowdhelix support for a successful ERA Chair application

    August 2019

    “We are grateful to Crowdhelix by providing a support letter to our ERA Chair application in 2017 which was subsequently funded and through which we have recently joined the platform. We look forward to working across its extensive network to explore new relationships and value chains for research and innovation.”

    Joana Lamego Head of Research Support

  • Sabanci University

    Joined two new consortia & enhanced profile within one year of membership

    July 2019

    “Since joining Crowdhelix only within the last year, Sabanci University has since been matched to join 2 new consortiums (in the areas of social sciences and innovation support) which have led to 2 new proposals being submitted which are currently under evaluation. The new connections we have made since joining the platform have helped us raise our visibility and showcase our areas of excellence.”

    Fatma Kesik Industrial Liaison Manager

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