• Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

    Corporate Joined a proposal consortium within weeks of membership

    September 2019

    ”We announce with pleasure that Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP) has joined Crowdhelix and within the first few weeks of joining were successfully matched and connected to a Research Technology centre who subsequently included us in a large-scale Horizon 2020 circular economy proposal.”

    Simon Huss-Smickler Partnership Manager

  • Champalimaud Foundation

    Crowdhelix support for a successful ERA Chair application

    August 2019

    “We are grateful to Crowdhelix by providing a support letter to our ERA Chair application in 2017 which was subsequently funded and through which we have recently joined the platform. We look forward to working across its extensive network to explore new relationships and value chains for research and innovation.”

    Joana Lamego Head of Research Support

  • Sabanci University

    Joined two new consortia & enhanced profile within one year of membership

    July 2019

    “Since joining Crowdhelix only within the last year, Sabanci University has since been matched to join 2 new consortiums (in the areas of social sciences and innovation support) which have led to 2 new proposals being submitted which are currently under evaluation. The new connections we have made since joining the platform have helped us raise our visibility and showcase our areas of excellence.”

    Fatma Kesik Industrial Liaison Manager

  • Universiteit Antwerpen

    Connections at a Crowdhelix event led to a successful Stage 1 proposal

    June 2019

    "As a new RTO member of the Crowdhelix platform, we participated in one of the brokerage and capacity building events last year to help prepare for a proposal that Antwerp was looking to lead. We are pleased to report that some new connections were made at at this event (which we built into the proposal) and the proposal recently passed the first stage application process with the EC. We are now working with Crowdhelix and others to prepare and submit a full stage 2 proposal."

    Eric Struyf Research & Innovation Manager

  • Inlecom Systems

    Successful connection led directly to a funded proposal

    May 2019

    “Crowdhelix successfully profiled and connected us to a Research Technology Organisation in Italy that was leading a Horizon 2020 proposal in ICT. That proposal has subsequently been funded and we plan to start work in October. We look forward to starting this project and building new collaborative networks in this exciting area of innovation, thanks to Crowdhelix.”

    Pat O'Sullivan Director of Innovation

  • University of Strathclyde

    Crowdhelix played an instrumental role in consortium & proposal development

    April 2019

    “Crowdhelix were incredibly helpful in the preparation of our H2020 proposal, assisting us to bring a diverse consortium together and build a convincing commercialisation plan. The impact Manager we worked with was particularly professional and supportive through the writing process.”

    Andrew Wodehouse Senior Lecturer

  • LEITAT Technological Center

    Crowdhelix's participation in projects gives an innovative edge

    March 2019

    “We have worked with Crowdhelix on many proposals and events and have a close relationship with them. In fact, we have also invited Crowdhelix to participate in four proposals that we coordinated or co-coordinated in the last year. The Helix Impact Model gives an innovative edge to results in more impactful projects.”

    Amro Satti, PHD Proposal and Business Development Manager

  • L-Università ta' Malta

    Connection to excellent partners leads to successful proposal

    February 2019

    “We are delighted about this success story! It has been an enriching experience. We are very grateful for Crowdhelix's instrumental support and for putting us in touch with the optimal partners. Looking forward to working on other proposals with you soon.”

    Dr Ingrid Vella Research Project Manager

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