Crowdhelix connects consortium to expert SME for COVID-19 rapid call

    June 2020

    “Many thanks to Crowdhelix for helping my team and I at NTNU pull together and refine a proposal in response to the European Commission's rapid response call on COVID-19. The platform connected us to an SME expert in translational research which really helped us to enhance the impact and exploitation (esepcially the commercialisation) part of the proposal. The use of the COVID-19 Helix helped us to connect with trusted organisations, which was an enabler for us to effectively respond to this urgent call.”

    Lizhen Huang Associate Professor

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili

    Crowdhelix links to a proposal consortium for COVID-19 rapid call

    June 2020

    “I would like to thank Crowdhelix for connecting me and my team at Universitat Rovira i Virgili to a consortium responding to the European Commission's urgent call to action on coronavirus. We joined forces with Ca Foscari University of Venice and other partners and we managed to submit a competitive proposal which is now under evaluation.“

    Anna Estellés Palanca Pre-award Officer

  • Universita degli Studi di Milano

    Crowdhelix connects international experts for COVID-19 impact proposal

    June 2020

    “Thank you to Crowdhelix for matching and connecting me to several partners. The connections made through the Covid-19 Helix led to a consortium being built in time for the tight deadline of the coronavirus call. Together we managed to submit a proposal on 'Behavioural, social and economic impacts of the outbreak response' which is now under evaluation.“

    Prof. Dr. Giampietro Gobo Professor of Methodology of Social Research

  • Istanbul Technical University

    Crowdhelix facilitates inter-sectoral partnership for battery proposal

    June 2020

    "I’d like to thank Crowdhelix for helping me and my consortium find a number of new innovative partners - from different sectors and different regions across Europe - for our proposal in advanced battery technology that has been submitted to the European Commission and is now under evaluation.”

    Meltem Yanilmaz Professor of Advanced Materials

  • Centexbel

    Crowdhelix connection to a textiles and materials proposal

    June 2020

    “Many thanks to Crowdhelix for connecting me and Centexbel to a Horizon2020 proposal that has now been submitted (and is now under evaluation) in the area of textiles and sustainable materials - in what would be a 'world's first network'. This was a new connection made through the Crowdhelix match-making platform based on Centexbel's profile and sector leading expertise in this area. Thank you.”

    Guy Buyle Manager of EU Research & Innovation

  • Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE)

    Crowdhelix facilitates connection to a world-leading Citizen Science expert

    May 2020

    “Thank you to Crowdhelix for matching and then connecting us to a world leading expert on Citizen Science - from within the Crowdhelix network - following my attendance at a Crowdhelix event. That connection has now led to a collaborative proposal being submitted which is currently under evaluation. It has also led to the prospect of future collaborations being developed in this space.“

    Matteo Di Rosa Senior Project Manager

  • Pangaia Grado Zero

    Crowdhelix connection leads to participation in two strong proposals

    May 2020

    “I would like to thank Crowdhelix for connecting me to 2 separate Horizon 2020 proposals that have now been submitted where Grade Zero Espace is an applied impact delivery partner. One proposal is in 'sustainable -wearable - materials, the other proposal is in 'advanced batteries'. On behalf of Grado Zero Espace we would like to thank Crowdhelix for making these connections through their technology platform. These proposals - which are very strong - are currently under evaluation and we hope for a positive response on these applications at the end of the summer.“

    Enrico Cozzoni Senior R&D Engineer & Project Manager

  • Nature Index

    Citizen crowds flock to assist coronavirus research

    April 2020

    “The world needs this,” says Daniel Green, the CEO of Yaqrit, a London-based company that has posted a call-to-action on Crowdhelix. “It's too hard to find partners through an organically grown network. Yaqrit has been trialling devices that treat patients with end-stage liver disease. When research started emerging that the immune reaction in severe cases of COVID-19 bears similarities to end-stage liver disease, Green decided they had to act.”

    Dyani Lewis Journalist

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