Opportunity for the HORIZON-CL3-2023-INFRA-01-02 funding call

Supporting operators against cyber and non-cyber threats to reinforce the resilience of critical infrastructures


November 23, 2023

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-IA HORIZON Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

The call HORIZON-CL3-2023-INFRA-01-02 has been scheduled to close, so this opportunity is no longer current.

Either the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid or the spinoff Detektia (https://detektia.com/) are looking to join a consortium for a Horizon project focussed on civil engineering infrastructures.
Both teams masters RADAR satellite technology and artificial intelligence techniques; having more than 35 years of experience between university and private sector and a wide vision of the energy, civil engineering, environmental and water sectors.

With this background, we would like to join a consortium that wants to maximize the information obtained through the integration of different sensors and data sources, as well as the exploitation of machine and deep learning algorithms for a better preventive maintenance and efficient operation of the assets.

Detektia links satellite technologies and the civil engineering sector, transforming the enormous volume of info provided by satellites into early warnings and easy-to-interpret data leading to action in the entire digital management processes of an asset.

For communication: Prof. Dr. Miguel Marchamalo, [email protected] or Candela Sancho [email protected]