Opportunity for the HORIZON-CL4-2024-DATA-01-01 funding call

AI-driven data operations and compliance technologies (AI, data and robotics partnership) (IA)


March 19, 2024

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-IA HORIZON Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

As TIGA, We are seeking to join an ongoing project in DATA-01-01 call and can lead a healthcare use case, and also act as a Work Package leader.

About TIGA:
TIGA is a leading IT healthcare company in Turkey, which developed and is still maintaining the National Healthcare System (NHS) of Turkey which is the central exchange hub under the Ministry of Health. It is the backbone of all the subsystems in Turkey that collect Personal Health Records (PHRs) from all over Turkey, integrating more than 120 thousand healthcare institutions with 6.6 billion health records. Since TIGA processes millions of health data from different countries, its solutions comply with both global and European standards to provide the highest data privacy.

The call focuses on AI-driven data operations and compliance technologies that align well with TIGA's expertise in health IT solutions, including those addressing drug traceability, healthcare interoperability, and data privacy. Below are potential contributions TIGA could make to a project and the roles it could assume within a consortium:
Expertise in Healthcare AI Solutions:
TIGA can lead the development of AI-driven data analysis tools tailored to healthcare, leveraging its experience with its projects:
• Sym2Clinic: A chatbot utilizing Generative AI to facilitate symptom communication for individuals and provide healthcare navigation assistance.
• MobiCare: A telemedicine platform using 3D human pose estimation for remote physical therapy monitoring and patient treatment adherence.
• Predis: A predictive analytics tool that uses time series modeling to identify health emergencies and logistical challenges in real-time.
• Autononym: A system for automated data anonymization, employing NLP and OCR to enable secure use of sensitive health data while maintaining privacy.
TIGA can offer insights into deploying AI tools in healthcare settings, ensuring they comply with regulations like GDPR while also promoting data utilization.
Leadership in Data Privacy and Anonymization:
TIGA can assume the role of privacy and data security advisor, given its success with Autononym in anonymizing health records while maintaining data utility.
TIGA could provide expertise in implementing privacy preservation methods such as federated learning, which is crucial for legal and ethical compliance.
Facilitation of Interoperability:
With its FHIR Stack, which is a technology tool developed by TIGA that facilitates the real-time collection, exchange, and management of healthcare data across various providers, streamlining clinical and business workflows within a secure and effective healthcare data infrastructure.