Opportunity for the DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-DATA-06-MANUFSPACE funding call

Data Space for Manufacturing (deployment)


May 29, 2024

Project types:


Project Proposal

Please be aware that deadlines can change as calls near closure, and that this may not be shown below.

Idener R&D has a track record of securing European funding and participating in research projects with excellent outcomes, both as a coordinator and partner. Hundreds of organisations trust us as a reference organisation utilising AI and optimisation for dealing with complex research projects in multiple fields, for instance, smart manufacturing, clean and energy-efficient resources, chemical procedures, circularity, biotechnologies or materials science.

Hence, under the Digital Europe Programme, Idener is currently seeking to join a consortium for the call DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-DATA-06-MANUFSPACE: Data Space for Manufacturing. Idener can act as a relevant partner in the fields of data science and engineering, data platform development, machine learning modelling, integration and services orchestration, advanced control, multi-criteria optimisation and holistic assessments, and general frontend/backend software development. Furthermore, Idener is able to connect with a great network of stakeholders in the manufacturing sector to provide use cases.

In case you are participating in a proposal for this call and require this expertise, please contact me through direct message or by e-mail: [email protected]