Opportunity for the DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-GREENDEAL funding call


May 29, 2024

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Project Proposal

Please be aware that deadlines can change as calls near closure, and that this may not be shown below.

Smartex is a leading & award-winning hardware-based software Portuguese company dedicated to developing advanced solutions and building essential tools for the modern textile factory. Its technology makes fabric production more efficient by identifying defects, reducing the waste from 5% to close to 0%, and digitalising the fabrics roll, which primarily can be used to stop manufacturing in case of production of defective fabrics, preventing waste of energy, raw materials production time and reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in several production stages.
Smartex’s traceability platform, SmartexLOOP, empowers suppliers to take advantage of fabric-roll level data collection and revolutionise supply chain communication, as well as directly address the call from fashion brands for better supply chain data, marking a new era of transparency and collaboration. With SmartexLOOP it is possible to trace the produced rolls of fabric throughout the entire value chain, bringing more transparency to the industry and enabling collaboration amongst the factories for a more efficient and sustainable textile industry.

Hence, under the Digital Europe Programme, Smartex is currently seeking to join a consortium for the call DIGITAL-2024-CLOUD-AI-06-GREENDEAL: European Green Deal Data Space, to act as a relevant player in the generation, treatment and storage of data in the textile sector, being able to connect with a vast network of stakeholders in the sector. Furthermore, Smartex can lead a use case in the textile sector, to be implemented in the scope of the project.

In case you are building a consortium or intend to coordinate a project for this call, please contact me through direct message or by e-mail: [email protected]