Opportunity for the HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-05-two-stage funding call

Personalised prevention of non-communicable diseases - addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data sources

Stage 1 Deadline:

September 19, 2023

Stage 2 Deadline:

April 11, 2024

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-RIA HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

The call HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-05-two-stage has been scheduled to close, so this opportunity is no longer current.

Seeking to join a consortium for the call: HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-05-two-stage: Personalised prevention of noncommunicable diseases - addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data sources

Our overarching aim is to investigate the relationships of microbiota and metabolites in saliva with oral and general health (non-communicable diseases) in The HUNT Study (The Tr√łndelag Study in Norway). Specifically, we aim to develop prediction models for cancers and other non-communicable diseases with oral microbiota and metabolites using advanced tools.

HUNT [https://www.ntnu.edu/hunt] is one of the largest and most comprehensive population surveys conducted in Norway with four waves. One of the strengths of HUNT is that we can link the data from various HUNT surveys with health-related registries in Norway. HUNT has also some sub-surveys, one of them is the HUNT4 Oral Health Study (2017 to 2019). About 4020 saliva samples from the HUNT4 Oral Health Study were collected in a specific buffer for the detection of microbial nucleic acid and are stored at -80C. In addition, approximately 40% of the participants in HUNT4 Oral Health Study have saliva samples stored without buffer, which can be used to measure metabolites.