Open Innovation Opportunity

Project Proposal

We are in the process of identifying partners interested in forming a consortium to participate in EUROSTARS open call and whose expertise is well aligned to our core business. The proposal for this call will be focused around our slow release drug delivery platform patented technology. We require two collaborators with specific expertise: one with a background in conducting preclinical in-vivo studies on osteoarthritis animal models, and another with consolidated experience in production or scale-up under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or GMP-like conditions. As project coordinators, we anticipate a collaborative approach with the interested companies. Our objective is to ampliate the portfolio of pathologies on which our technology can be applied and to transition the manufacturing of our medical devices from a prototype scale to a pilot scale, thereby facilitating the next stage of product development. 

Warning: a writing team has been set-up but there is a fast approaching deadline requiring focus and commitment.