Project Proposal

I'm a university professor at the Faculty on Engineering, University of Cagliari, Italy. My group is active in smart cities, social IoT, and critical networks scenarios. We are developing a Social IoT system for weather monitoring and crowdedness estimation on a beach.
A prototype of the system in currently operating in the Cagliari area (ten different beaches are under control),
and we would like to work on this prototype and include new features such as:
1) better visual analysis
2) interfaces to other systems (navigators and parking apps)
3) statistical analysis of data, to be used by local authorities
4) improve robustness/resilience of the system
5) using different communication technologies in areas not covered by mobile telephony
6) better apps (iOS, Android).

We are looking for partners to build up a consortium or to join an existing consortium. We are expecting contributions by industrial and academic partners on the topics above.
Moreover, we are looking for partners that can help us to better propose our system to citizens and local authorities.