Opportunity for the HORIZON-CL5-2024-D6-01-12 funding call

A new framework to improve traffic safety culture in the EU


September 05, 2024

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-RIA HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

As the Transport Systems group at the Civil Engineering and Management department at the University of Twente, we are interested to build and join a consortium for the HORIZON-CL5-2024-D6-01-12 call "A new framework to improve traffic safety culture in the EU". We are seeking partners who can take the leading roles of consortium coordination and management.

What we offer: We have extensive expertise on the safety of active modes including cycling and walking, as well as studying factors contributing to traffic (un)safety and crash mechanisms. We also have particular expertise on the equity aspects and socio-demographic variants regarding traffic safety. Moreover, we are also interested in the relationship between safety and infrastructure. We have a broad scope in traffic safety research, especially focused on active modes (cycling, walking), yet we are not excluding the safety of other (motorized) modes.

Our position: We have unique position regarding this call in terms of developing a Dutch network potentially with institutions such as SWOV and TNO and we can contribute in a potential consortium by introducing Dutch safety culture and experience, such as the safe system and sustainable safety approaches.

Please contact us ([email protected]) if you are interested to lead and coordinate a consortium in this call or if you are looking for partners to your consortium.