Optimised forest-based value chains for high value applications and improved forest management


September 20, 2023

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-JU-RIA HORIZON JU Research and Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

The University of Bologna, 1st Italian University in the Bioeconomy sector and 4th in Europe, is interested in contributing as a partner to a consortium in the JU-CBE-2023-R-04: Development of novel, high-performance bio-based polymers and co-polymers.

Expertise offered by UNIBO:

- Research group focuses on physical-chemical characterization of waste streams and residues, their management and treatment for potential valorization; environmental sustainability assessment of product-systems and industrial processes through a life cycle approach; material flow analysis applied to the characterization of anthropogenic cycle of resources, their reserves in use and to analyze future scenarios of material supply; analysis of the criticality of resources; environmental monitoring activities; analysis of the effects of environment and pollutants on traditional and modern materials for artistic, architectural and industrial applications.. Expertise in - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of different bio-based products and comparison with fossil-based chemicals - Use of sustainability indicators to assess chemical processes at both industrial and early design stage - Assessing the environmental sustainability of waste management strategies and EoL technologies - Environmental footprint of products/processes/systems, such as carbon footprint and water footprint.

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