We are seeking a university medical device research unit, with a special interest in magnetic hyperthermia, focused RF transmission/measurement, and deep-tissue thermometry. The application of this technology is in the magnetic hyperthermia and magnetic particle imaging related field with relevance to oncological theranostics (tumor imaging and therapy). The final product in development is an independent clinical hyperthermia unit that offers interventional oncologists and radiologists the ability to visualize solid tumors and selectively destroy tumors/metastases using non-intrusive technology. The system is AI-guided, using a biopharmaceutical agent that targets brain tumors and is sensitive to electromagnetic energy fields (supramagnetic nanoparticles). The treatment can potentially extend the lives of people with gliomas and other cancer types and can be applied in monitoring post resectional remission as well as maintenance hyperthermia eradication treatments of early-stage metastases.

Please contact directly Omer @ [email protected]