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We are actively seeking a skilled service designer to join our multidisciplinary team in the European project, "Europe’s Cultural Heritage and Arts – Promoting Our Values at Home and Abroad."
The primary goal of this collaboration is to enhance the impact and effectiveness of our project by integrating service design principles. We aim to elevate the user experience and ensure that our cultural heritage and arts initiative resonate effectively both within Europe and internationally.
We are looking for a service designer with a proven track record in crafting user-centric experiences and a deep understanding of cultural heritage and arts. The ideal collaborator should possess expertise in facilitating workshops, conducting user research, and implementing service design methodologies. Proficiency in working within a multidisciplinary team is crucial, as the project involves diverse stakeholders from various fields.
Interested service designers are invited to express their interest, outlining their relevant expertise and previous experience. Whether an independent professional or part of an organization, all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. This inclusive approach allows us to tap into a global pool of talent.