Open Innovation Opportunity

Project Proposal

Healthcare sector specifically remote healthcare sector depends on existing technical solutions that enable patients and healthcare professionals to interact. Though network security is not a new topic, but the specific demands of this sector cannot be met by existing solutions. There is a scope of further development that will help the sector grow more and impact the society in a positive way.

Our experience during Covid time showed us the importance of remote healthcare. The problem with remote healthcare is that we need to provide health care securely to every patient. For this, we need to consider data collection from different sensors from patients and how to securely send that to a secure server. Also, we need to consider how drug delivery, or any other instruction is received from a secure server and delivered to patient's sensors. Our task is to improve the trust on the existing system and build new systems such that the remote healthcare sector can improve the lives more effectively. This proposed project aims to develop solutions to help solve some existing problems like remote authentication and secure drug delivery.

In this project the student will investigate the existing network solutions and embedded architectures to ensure security of health-related data. This will involve exploring the IoT solutions that are currently available to understand their current limitations. The student will propose and implement novel architectural solutions. The target will be to propose one or more of the following to ensure security in the network and establishment of trust on the overall system using hardware security - new processor pipeline, new memory management unit, new on-chip network routers for multi-processor systems, new cache design, new memory controller etc. FPGA board-based development is a part of this work. In addition, the student will also implement required changes to compilers and/or operating systems needed to run applications on the proposed architecture and also to test the security both for the particular node and also for the whole network connected system.

Apply using the link Deadline is 29 Feb 2024.