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What the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Prevention can bring to a consortium:


General full research, development and implementation lifecycle capabilities in digital health with a focus on fostering long-term engagement in prevention and rehabilitation, esp. around fostering physical activity and esp. in CVD []

A novel Modular Open Research Platform (MORE) that supports efficient setup, management and execution of situated and longitudinal studies or evaluations including both questionnaire tools and sensing technologies (esp. wearables) []


The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Prevention was established in Salzburg, Austria, in September 2019. Located at the University Institute for Sports Medicine at University Hospital Salzburg, an interdisciplinary and international research team works on a mission to achieve better sustainability of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

We can bring in experience and expertise in the full life-cycle of digital health intervention development, from stakeholder-centered ideation, over implementations and early formative evaluations to running ambitious summative RCTs including measures of physiological and medical outcomes. Our team is highly interdisciplinary, including medical professionals, computer scientists, designers, developers and researchers with psychological or social science backgrounds. 

At the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Prevention, we also integrate Open Innovation in Science approaches across nearly all activities in order to assure well-guided human-centric and impact-oriented research and development.

We currently focus on fostering sustainable heart-healthy physical activity with digital tools including personalized features, such as just-in-time adaptive interventions, continuous observation through wearable sensing devices, as well as data homogenization and analysis.

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The MORE (Modular Open Research) Platform is a digital infrastructure for sustainable health research with a focus on the creation and implementation of studies using digital technologies. With such a central technical infrastructure, recurring challenges – for example the integration of external devices and sensors, the collection of large amounts of data from various sources (increasingly in real time), the administration of large numbers of study participants, or compatibility with current data security standards – can be efficiently dealt with.

The MORE Platform consists of two main user-facing components: (1) a web application that allows experts in application development or healthcare to define and manage studies and evaluation processes. Study or evaluation participants then receive (2) a smartphone app (see Figure 1 for an early draft) that is automatically configured when registering for a study or evaluation in such a way that it guides participants through the procedures. In doing so it enables e. g. the collection of questionnaire responses and sensor data from wearables over longer periods of time and accompanying everyday life.

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