Open Innovation Opportunity

Project Proposal

The European Commission launched a call for experts to join an advisory expert group with the purpose of structuring a potential new Mission on the New European Bauhaus under Horizon Europe.

The main tasks of this advisory expert group, known as Mission Board, will be to provide guidance to the Commission regarding the development of a potential future New European Bauhaus Mission, which was proposed by the Commission on 19 July 2023. This guidance will include insights on the proposed mission's design, outlining its objectives, defining relevant indicators, and setting appropriate timelines.

Additionally, the Mission Board shall offer advice on the specific research and innovation (R&I) content required to achieve the objectives of the proposed mission. This advice will consider input from stakeholders and, where relevant, the public, fostering investment in bold innovation related to the New European Bauhaus.

The call for applications is available online. The deadline for applications is 29 August 2023 at 12:00 CEST.
Interested individuals are invited to submit their application via the EUSurvey platform.

Know more: https://new-european-bauhaus.e....