Opportunity for the Spectrum project

The EU-funded project Spectrum (GA N° 101057977) is developing a novel
technology aimed to create a multi-port superfast switch with working temperature 10 mK and no heat dissipation, precisely to solve these challenging problems. QueSt reduces
the volume of current wiring while increasing the thermal efficiency and
scalability of quantum computers.

This survey is intended to gather information regarding the current state of the art of quantum computer technology and architectures. The objective is to highlight the possible application of the technology being developed by the Spectrum Consortium, and develop in line with the needs of users. The survey is composed of two sections, the first regarding the state-of-the-art and the second focused on the switching technology requirements. The full survey usually takes about 10 minutes:


The Spectrum Project was funded by the EU Commission in the framework of the Horizon Europe – EIC Transition Open programme. Grant agreement 101057977

Funded by
the European Union