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The Crowdhelix Talent Accelerator is aimed at early career researchers. In collaboration with key network members, we intend to help increase their potential to be the next generation of European research leaders.

The Talent Accelerator will help create a strong international collaborative network for early career researchers accelerating their research careers through a specific career path.

In this challenging time, a joint effort to train excellent researchers for an international career is a simple way to contribute to scientific and technological progress globally.

The Talent Accelerator will identify challenging opportunities to increase our early career researchers’ connections, give them new competencies through training, and foster crosscutting skills that are useful to the development of their careers and in building new partnerships.

A good research career path includes many different aspects, but networking and joint opportunities represent particularly high added value. The Talent Accelerator will help create these opportunities.

The Talent Accelerator will also form part of the Crowdhelix platform as the Talent Helix. Members of the Talent Helix will have access to an international research community enabling researchers to accelerate their career through a continuous connection with an international collaborative environment.

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