Society Open Innovation community on Crowdhelix


The Society Helix was amongst the first tranche of Helix communities launched by Crowdhelix in early 2013, and is currently managed by the Crowdhelix Community Management team. We are, however, seeking expressions of interest from high-profile researchers in the field to take a leadership role for this Helix from 2021 onwards.


Closely integrated with the focus areas of the Heritage & Culture, Smart Cities, Security, and Climate Helixes, the Society Helix provides an Open Innovation community for experts seeking international collaborators to carry out research and innovation across the following topics:

  • Enhancing and restoring trust in democratic governance and the rule of law
  • Promoting and protecting Cultural Heritage, and enhancing cultural participation
  • Managing social and economic transformations
  • Tackling political extremism and polarisation
  • Enhancing representation, openness, and pluralism
  • Supporting European Union migration and mobility policies, both internal and external
  • Helping reverse social, economic, cultural, and political inequalities
  • Promoting inclusive growth and upward convergence

Horizon Europe

Activities in Horizon Europe’s “Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society” focus on tackling several interconnected challenges pertaining to democratic governance, cultural heritage, and the creative economy, as well as to social and economic transformations. The challenges have been chosen by the EU because they respond to the most pressing social, political, economic and cultural concerns and expectations of European citizens. They also provide a clear picture of what benefits citizens and what different stakeholders can expect from R&I actions supported under the Cluster. Crowdhelix intends to support this by widening engagement in such actions to citizens and communities beyond the traditional R&I stakeholders.

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