Heritage & Culture Open Innovation community on Crowdhelix


The Heritage & Culture Helix has been established with the aim to aggregate and enhance interdisciplinary and international research teams and research that will make significant progress in the knowledge, safeguarding and promotion of heritage and culture.


Closely integrated with the focus areas of the Citizen Science, Digital, Society and Climate Helixes, the Heritage & Culture Helix provides a community for experts seeking international collaborators to carry out research and innovation across in areas including: arts, cultural and creative sectors and industries. Members will be invited to participate in webinars, share best practices, form partnerships and collaborate on funding proposals and projects.

The UC contribution: The University of Coimbra (UC) is a Portuguese public higher education institution with more than 700 years of experience in education, training and research. Listed as a World Heritage Site in 2013, UC is particularly concerned with heritage sustainability, community cohesion, and engagement through heritage and culture. UC’s first and oldest campus, which dates back to the 16th century, represents a unique context for carrying out on-site pilot projects of research and training on cultural heritage studies. Beyond Masters and PhD programmes in the area of heritage and various research centres that include heritage as a field of research, UC holds the UNESCO Chair in Biodiversity Safeguard for Sustainable Development and the UNESCO Chair on Intercultural Dialogue on Heritages of Portuguese Influence.

Funding available: Horizon Europe Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society, Destination 2; Creative Europe, and The New European Bauhaus all provide opportunities for funding and collaboration to fit in this Helix:

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