Joint Call 2020 on digital transformation for green energy transition


Stage 1 Deadline:

February 17, 2021

Stage 2 Deadline:

May 06, 2021

Project types:

  1. RIA Research and Innovation action

We are seeking partners, academic, SME and experts, to develop a preventive action software for biogas plant operation. This software will use operational environmental and resource usage data of biogas plants to create database where modelling algorithms will be used to asses’ data to foretell possible problems before happening. There are lots of different interactions between different type of data need to be addressed. System will develop more accurate predictions through machine learning and will advise the operator for preventive actions which will increase the total efficiency of the plant.

First phase of the software was developed where database formation and various statistical analysis can be performed. Software can collect data from operational plant and make reports of the ongoing process. Modelling algorithms are needed to be developed and more data need to obtained to increase data pool to work on. Machine learning studies need to be done to develop modelling algorithms further.

A successful development of this software greatly enhances the total efficiency of the biogas plants, creating positive impact on resource management, supporting circular economy and promote sustainability. Also, with further R&D the software can be used in other processes and sectors.

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