Our skills cover different areas of chemistry from organic synthesis to nanoparticle synthesis and characterization to colloidal science, crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry (https://www.cmic.polimi.it/en/ricerca/elenco-gruppi-di-ricerca/suprabionanolab/).

We have expertise in:
Synthesis and characterization of organic molecules and macromolecules,
Fluorine Chemistry and fluorinated materials
Synthesis, characterization and formulation of organic, inorganic and polymeric nanoparticles
Design and study of self-assembling processes among molecules, macromolecules and nanoparticles by different experimental techniques (X-rays diffraction and scattering, photocorrelation spectroscopy, electron microscopies, fluorescence and absorption spectroscopies, circular dichroism and nuclear magnetic resonance)
Interaction of nanomaterials with the biological environment

Our research covers four main areas:

Bio-Nanomaterials: Nanovectors for drug delivery, theranostic systems, surfactants and natural nanosystems
Crystal Engineering: Design and synthesis of polymorphes, pharmaceutical co-crystals and porous materials
Fluorine Chemistry: Contrast agents for 19F-MRI e ultrasounds, surfactants and hydro/oleo-phobic agents
Supramolecular Chemistry: Design of no-covalent interactions for assembling biomimetic systems