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Food systems are in a state of change. Deforestation and exhaustion of soil and land resources is a problem, water
scarcity, loss of biodiversity are serious challenges for cities and regions. Unsustainable eating patterns and food waste
needs to be addressed. There is an increased focus on how nature, food consumption and agricultural production interact and how biodiversity and climate is affected. This recognition is increasingly being the subject to planning and governance efforts at city and regional level. The Summerschool Food, Place & Innovation - a Sustainable Food Systems approach addresses the global need for food systems change from a local food systems perspective. It argues that all food systems are rooted in a local cultural context – they are place based. The Summerschool evolves around the food systems case of Bornholm – Denmarks food island. An island with a long record and tradition of food and food systems innovation and at the same time an island that is taking a holistic approach to food, energy and circular
economies.. The course develops around three themes.

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