Project Proposal

ARIADNEXT by IDnow is specialised in remote ID verification. Our algorithms are based on artificial intelligence. To enable us to develop efficient and relevant algorithms, we pay particular attention to data. In particular, it is essential to be able to easily clean and annotate the data. To be able to effectively fight against identity fraud, it is also often necessary to augment or generate data.

We are particularly interested in the first focus area of the topic:
automated and AI-based mining, harvesting, selection, cleaning, annotation, and/or
enrichment/augmentation of data for AI; generating and using synthetic data to reduce
the need for large volumes of real and potentially sensitive data; validating the efficiency
of these processes in AI systems.

ARIADNEXT by IDnow could participate in the development of innovative solutions to address this focus area of this topic and/or act as a use-case to test such solutions.