We offer expertise in the field of live stock farming and vertical integration, i.e our partners (big farms with in-house slaughter houses) could provide opportunities to test innovative equipment and its integration it in the development of innovative software solution for modern farming.

We develop and implement a Beef and Lamb Quality Assurance Scheme as a set of criteria for each participants in the meat supply chain - from farm to fork.

Execute sufficient on site tests in each type of enterprise in the supply chain: farm-finishing facility- slaugterhouse- meat processing facility- wholesale and retail outlet (butcher’s, supermarket, HORECA) to designate crucial point of intersection and interaction in between.

Design and implement an on-line platform that backs up the process of  cattle/sheep breeding and meat processing. The platform shall collect all relevant data to verify transaction in real time to provide product traceability and verify product origin.

Farm management software with API will be used to complete all the data related to breeding, including births, handling, feeding, gains, usage of veterinary drugs, pesticides, etc. All the records will be weighted to generate farm index of sustainability based on production results and feed efficiency.