Adapting cyber situational awareness for evolving computing environments



November 24, 2022

Project types:

  1. EDF-RA EDF Research Actions

Future Project

We are looking for opportunities to join consortia in preparation of proposal for the EDF calls. We offer our cybersecurity expertise and infrastructure, including a cybersecurity facility comprising a distributed honeynet (50+ locations) with intelligence and adaptivity capabilities, attack data collection, RT dashboard visualizations, analytics and profiling, a network telescope facility, large libraries of historic cyber attack data, as well as research and development expertise in these fields.

- Distributed honeynet: a distributed network of honeypots in 50+ locations in Europe and USA, attack data collection, analytics and profiling (2019 – present),
- Network telescope: scanning and backscatter traffic data collection and analytics (2011 – present),
- IoT honeypot research: HTTP-based IoT endpoints with iterative adaptation capabilities based on crawler inputs and real "models" (Shodan, etc.)

- Threat detection and analysis of mobile cloud/edge services and end-to-end infrastructures
- Advanced data analytics and detection of malicious cybersecurity events/anomalies in local/edge and core parts of the infrastructure, preparation of data for AI/ML processing
- Secure remote monitoring – infrastructure/sensors monitoring and detection of compromised elements
- RT and offline data visualizations
- Sensor/data fusion for advanced threat detection – in combination with log analytics and monitoring features

We are looking for opportunities to join consortia in order to implement further research and innovation as well as to support R&I of other partners on top of our infrastructure. Some highlighted R&I interests on our side:
- Experimentation and innovation infrastructure (CyberLab environment)
- Studies, design and development of deception and countermeasure techniques, data fusion and analytics, profiling and trending algorithms and analytics, dashboards and visualizations
- Lab-level proof of concepts and prototyping
- Participation in field trials/pilots.

For more information, please see the attachment.

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