Turkey's leading GIS company Başarsoft is seeking collaborators for Horizon Europe calls.

Başarsoft, Crowdhelix Corporate Member, is offering expertise for Horizon Europe Calls in CL3, CL4, CL5 and CL6. Any collaborator seeking the expertise of a corporate partner in a multinational consortium is encouraged to get in touch if they work on fields related to geographic information systems, remote sensing, navigation, infrastructure management, Location Based Systems, Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Utility, Routing & Route Optimisation, Software Development, Consultancy, big data and machine learning.

Established in 1997, Başarsoft has been developing solutions for geographic information systems, indoor, outdoor and blind navigation, integrated water, energy and gas distribution network management solutions, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning projects, and carries out needs-oriented projects in Turkey, USA, Albania, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malesia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan, Uganda. In addition, Başarsoft has R&D centers in Ankara and Istanbul.

We are always looking for R&D opportunities where we can innovate in the above working area. We are particularly interested in opportunities related to navigation, telecom, gas, water and energy distribution network management infrastructure.

For detailed information about Başarsoft, you can review the attached Company Profile Document, and contact [email protected] and [email protected] for collaborations.

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