Privacy-preserving and identity management technologies


November 23, 2023

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-IA HORIZON Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

As Sabanci University, we aim to take part as a partner in consortiums under HORIZON-CL3-2023-CS-01-02: Privacy-preserving and identity management technologies Call. This call targets the usability, scalability and reliability of secure and privacy-preserving technologies in supply chain, taking integration with existing infrastructures and traditional security measures into account. Proposals should further take into account, whenever needed, the legacy variation in data types and models across different organizations. The proposed solutions should be validated and piloted in realistic, federated data infrastructures such as, for example, European data spaces. They should ensure compliance with data regulations and be GDPR compliant by-design. Open-source solutions are encouraged.

SU is the pioneering university of Turkey in the areas of software testing, cybersecurity, and cryptography. Both the Software Engineering Research Group (SUSOFT) and the Cryptography and Information Security (CISEC) Group of Sabancı University have a wide range of research and development expertise in software engineering, cryptographic security, and cyber security areas. Both groups have conducted and been involved in several privately and publicly funded projects and co-authored publications in the areas of software engineering, software testing, data-driven dynamic program analysis, static program analysis, software/system security, applied cryptography, IoT and Wireless System Security, cryptographic engineering, privacy-enhanced technologies, cyber incident detection and remediation, security in networked-systems.

Established in 1996, Sabancı University (SU) in Istanbul, Turkey is internationally recognized as one of the most research-oriented and innovative universities in Turkey. SU has been the most successful university in Turkey in terms of the number of EU Framework Programmes projects per faculty member. As SU we have made 7100+ publications, obtained 250+ patents and get ~300 EU projects with an ~60 M€ budget to date.
In the listings of the world’s best universities in the Times Higher Education list (THE) and QS, Sabancı University holds its lead in the rankings among universities from Turkey. SU has been ranked among top 500 universities in the world and 1st in Turkey according to THE World University Rankings 2023. According to the results of the World University Rankings 2023 by subject, SU was ranked among the top 200 universities in the world (1st in Turkey) in Social Sciences, and among the top 300 universities in the world (2nd in Turkey) in Engineering & Technology.

If interested, please contact me via bunyamin.yagcitekin@sabanciuni...