Project Proposal

Dear experts,

We represent Materia Group a healthcare organisation with experience in several types of EU funded projects (Horizon, AAL, Eurostars, EEA, DIH-HERO, others) as coordinators and WP leaders. Our team is comprised of qualified researchers, healthcare professionals, business and dissemination experts and can multidisciplinaryily support any type of project, particularly healthcare and socially oriented topics and testing/validation of R&D products.

We are submitting two applications in upcoming calls (Eurostars & HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-two-stage).

To complete the consortia in progress we are seeking:

a) A partner having expertise in robotic solutions/AI/natural language processing

b) Partners able to act as clinical sites/end-users testing technology aiming to tackle cognitive decline, experts in neuropsychology/neuroscience and able to recruit and test a minimum of 200 people (both cognitively fit and people with cognitive impairment mild-severe)

c) Business leaders able to professionally handle IPR management, business models, exploitation plans.

d) Dissemination partners with a good track record of reaching KPIs.

MUTUAL collaborations will be prioritised as we are seeking partners who are also submitting proposals/are involved in projects and can consider our organisation for their consortia/submissions for a long-term synergy.

In this case we can contribute via our healthcare SME / research center and/or our NGO focused on youth training.

To express your interest, as well as, any inquiries please contact [email protected].

All the best to your endeavours!