Opportunity for the HORIZON-CL2-2024-HERITAGE-ECCCH-01-03 funding call

A European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage – Innovative tools for advanced data enrichment


January 22, 2025

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-IA HORIZON Innovation Actions

Project Proposal

NOVA Information Management School has created a new interactive visual analytics system called MapIntel. This system offers researchers and institutions a faster way to gain an overview of large text collections (corpora) while also allowing for in-depth exploration and interactive information discovery. MapIntel can be applied to various types of corpora, including cultural heritage materials.

Explore a Public Demonstration: See MapIntel in action with a public demonstration using news articles: https://arquivo-galaxia.netlif...

We are actively seeking to expand our research on MapIntel and apply it to different types of corpora (also beyond text), particularly to the historical and cultural sector.

If you're interested in collaborating, please contact us at [email protected].