Project Proposal

With more than 35 ongoing EU projects, IDENER is an associate member of Big Data Value Association, with close collaboration with the Partnership on AI, Data and Robotics activities and objectives.

We are interested in the following calls:

HORIZON-CL4-2023-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-02:Industrial leadership in AI, Data
and Robotics enabling the green transition (AI Data and Robotics Partnership),

HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-01: Meeting ethical requirements for trustworthy AI: sustainability and environmental wellbeing (AI Data and Robotics Partnership),

HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-02: Large Scale pilots on trustworthy AI data and robotics addressing key societal challenges (AI Data and Robotics Partnership),
HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-05: Through AI from Disinformation to trust
HORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01-02: Integration of data life cycle, architectures and standards for complex data cycles and/or human factors, language (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership).

We offer expertise on data platform development, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Explainable AI (XAI), human-centred AI design, IoT, among others. Having a network of experts on ethical AI development and AI legislation compliance, we are open to collaborations for all topics related to AI, data, digital twin, IoT, cybersecurity, and related fields.

Do not hesitate to contact by email ([email protected]) if you prefer so we can schedule a meeting and discuss ideas.