Open Innovation Opportunity

Project Proposal

The cost of specialised services often presents a hurdle for researchers and innovators due to limited coverage within EIC grant funding and their own financial constraints.

This Call aims to address this challenge by offering financial assistance to EIC grant recipients, facilitating access to crucial services provided by exceptional European partners and beyond.

The services will encompass sector-specific expertise, research and innovation infrastructure, networking opportunities, market access, and business development support.

The call operates under the framework of 'Financial Support to Third Parties,' where selected project beneficiaries, either a single entity or a consortium, will receive funding to distribute lump-sum grants to EIC Awardees. These grants will cover 50% of expenses related to services offered by EIC Ecosystem Partners.

The initiative is anticipated to enhance EIC awardees' engagement with specialized partners, expedite the transition of innovations to the market, stimulate the growth of EIC-backed companies, and fortify collaboration and excellence across the European Innovation Ecosystem.

To find out more, interested parties can refer to the Funding and Tenders portal. Applications for participation in this call are open until November 14, 2023, and an informative event is scheduled for September 18, 2023.