The city of Munich is currently looking for a twin city to exchange common challenges, barriers, and experiences through cross-learning workshops aim to identify issues covering engagement, governance, business replication, IT solutions, gender and other relevant aspects of the project.

The selected EU city will share experiences and knowledge on nature-based solutions by participating in the City Practice Labs (#CiPeLs) in the city of Munich.

The cross-learning activities will be 1 in-person workshop and 5 bi-annual online meetings, ensuring constructive dialogue and knowledge sharing.

The City of Munich will moderate all activities and also covers producing reports, minutes. Travel and subsistence for the twin city are covered by the project. This process will enable a wide-scale replication of effective Low Carbon | High Air quality Nature-based Solutions

The potential city is required to have closely similar conditions:
(i) Continental climate affected by the proximity to the Alps
(ii) High urban density
(iii) More than 100.000 inhabitants
and (iv) experiences climate change.

The workshop is expected to happen in October 2023, and the selection process will last until July 2023.

Application via this link:

For more information about the programme structure, please send an email to Methi Laithavewat at: laithavewat@isocarp-institute....
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Funded by
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