Personalised oncology: innovative people centred, multi-modal therapies against cancer



September 20, 2022

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-JU-RIA HORIZON JU Research and Innovation Actions

Future Project

We would like to join a consortium preparing a project proposal on this topic.

Please read below our expertise:

Targeted therapies provide an opportunity to develop personalized medicines with superior treatment modalities for the patient and a better quality of life.

Light is an unparalleled external signal to noninvasively manipulate biological systems with high spatial and temporal resolution and photopharmacology, which relies on the use of molecular photoswitches to control the activity of drugs with light, have great potential as a new modality for targeted therapies.

We develop reversible photoswitchable drugs to enable light-mediated pharmacological treatments for cancer and other pathological conditions that would benefit from high-precision therapies.