Vaccines 2.0 - developing the next generation of vaccines


Stage 1 Deadline:

February 01, 2022

Stage 2 Deadline:

September 06, 2022

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-RIA HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

Thanks to a comprehensive database of the high-end capabilities and expertise of 110 top-tier member institutions across 13 EU-countries, we can help you find the right European academic partner for your consortium.

For this particular call, EATRIS members can offer the following expertise (non -comprehensive list):
- Preclinical and clinical Immune profiling, immune monitoring
- Cell tracking and various non-invasive imaging techniques to support vaccine ADME and immune response studies
- Biomarker discovery, profiling, qualification and valdiation
- In vivo models: Humanized mouse models (e.g., patient-derived xenograft; immuno-Avatar); Immunocompetent and genetically engineered mouse models; Non-human primates and other species
- High Throughput Genome Engineering – CRISPR
- Vaccine Formulation-Optimisation of vaccine formulation in preparation for scale-up under GMP conditions.
- Appropriate strategy for a delivery system and adjuventation
- GMP pharmaceutical production centres with vaccine authorisations. Preparation of GMP batches of vaccines for toxicology and clinical studies.
- Clinical trial centres for phase I and II studies in conjunction with a university medical centre to foster interaction between clinicians and specialist scientists.
- Support for trial design and GCP execution.
- Clinical imaging for analysis, integration and interpretation in various patient cohorts.
- Data analysis centres manage the processing and integration of multi- modality data.
- Regulatory Services- Scientific Advice, TPP and IMPD development

If you’re interested, please send us a message providing us with a short non-confidential description of your project and the expertise/capabilities needed. Our scientific team will then carry out a more precise research according to your needs and provide you with a report listing the potential matches among EATRIS members (including their contact information).