Enhanced fight against the abuse of online gaming culture by extremists



November 23, 2022

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-RIA HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

Prof. Tali Heiman and Dr. Dorit Olenik-Shemesh have been working together the past ten years on studies regarding : On-line violence, cyberbullying victimization among various populations.

Prof. Heiman is an expert in studying emotional and social aspects among children with various disabilities, such as: learning disabilities, ADHD, Intellectual disabilities and accessibility as well as inclusive education for students with disabilities in higher education institutions.
Prof. Heiman's research focuses on online violence, cyberbullying victimization among various populations. I examined vulnerable individuals, including children and youth with disabilities, special education, as with learning disabilities, ADHD, children with Intellectual disabilities. In addition, she examined modes of accessibility, social-emotional-behavioral as well as inclusive education for students with disabilities in higher education institutions; Coping of educational staff, parents and children in inclusive society, and students' perspectives regarding identities, digital cultural, gender differences, by using a variety of research methods.

Dr. Dorit Olenik-Shemesh research focuses on bullying victimization among children youth and young adults, especially online bullying – known as cyberbullying. During the last years she has also examined the phenomenon of Problematic Internet Use (PIU) among children and adolescents. Her studies explores mostly the emotional and social aspects of these behaviors among victims as well as examining the role of bystanders in episodes of bullying and CB.
Currently, she is involved in various national and international research groups regarding cyberbullying patterns and influences, victimization around Europe, and child abuse and neglect (an international research group that address to a Multi- Sectoral Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect in Europe: Incidence and trends).
Aside the research, she is involved in developing and evaluating national and international prevention and intervention programs for coping with online victimization targeting students, parents, families and school teams.