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Dive into the heart of Eastern Europe where the Black Sea region, shared by Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey, offers a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. From the sunny beaches of Romania to the rugged cliffs of Georgia, this region is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Discover the Black Sea's diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures, enhanced by a temperate to sub-tropical climate perfect for year-round adventure. But there's more beneath the surface - marine ecosystems and wetlands like the Danube Delta make it a haven for nature lovers.

But this paradise faces challenges. Pollution, climate change, coastal erosion, overfishing and invasive species threaten its delicate balance. But there is hope!
Discover how 81 certified Blue Schools in the Black Sea region are leading the way in ocean literacy and shaping the next generation of ocean-loving champions. These schools are not just about learning - they are about creating a cleaner, 'bluer' future.
Discover the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea, a master plan that brings together ministries and stakeholders to promote the blue economy and protect marine ecosystems. Together they are sailing towards a better future for the region.
In Romania and Turkey, the SHORE project is making significant progress through its national country hubs. By empowering educators and students, these hubs are fostering a generation of ocean stewards. Through interactive learning and creative projects, students develop a deep connection with the sea and learn about the importance of ocean conservation.

Want to know more about SHORE and the Black Sea? Check out this article, join the Mission Oceans Helix and contact our Romanian or Turkish Country Hubs!