Let nature help do the job: Rewilding landscapes for carbon sequestration, climate adaptation and biodiversity support



February 10, 2022

Project types:

  1. HORIZON-RIA HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

At the Global Change Ecology Centre, we do not have the intention to coordinate a call on this topic, but see strong promise in joining a potential consortium on wetland restoration and rewilding.
In Flanders, along the Scheldt estuary, some of the largest restoration efforts for tidal and non-tidal wetlands in Europe are currently ongoing, to achieve climate resilience, carbon sequestration and biodiversity, as well as balancing the ecological functioning of the estuarine and river ecosystems. We have strong experience on ecosystem services assessment, assessing potential trade-offs and synergies, modelling of sedimentation, vegetation development and carbon sequestration in wetlands. We also have leading role in the ESFRI ICOS on carbon sequestration.

If any consortium is aiming for a proposal on wetland restoration for through rewilding, with the goal of coupled biodiversity-carbon management, please contact us if you want to involve the Scheldt system. We have a network of potential societal and economic partners that can join also, and can link up to academic groups for socio-economic assessments.